Let us take the hassle out of getting around for you. At La Fortress we offer various packages to get you to and from our hotel, and for you to explore the surrounding areas. We can assist you with hiring a bicycle or motorcycle – this is a great way to explore the countryside at your own pace. There are many delightful surprises hidden around Kep and bicycle or motorbike rental make a great way to discover them

We are also able to organise tours for you around Kep and Kampot. Southwestern Cambodia is a particularly beautiful part of the country, and with our specially guided tours you’ll be introduced to the many natural and cultural sites that make this area unique. From visiting waterfalls to secret beaches to pepper plantations where world-famous Kampot pepper is produced, we can tailor a specially guided tour to your requirements.

If you’ve just touched down in Phnom Penh, getting away and around can seem a little overwhelming. Let us help you to slip straight into relaxation mode by organising a taxi from Phnom Penh International Airport direct to our hotel. An easy and scenic 3 hour drive, you’ll delight in watching the city change into the countryside as you’re delivered straight to your boutique luxury accommodation.