La Fortress Boutique Hotel

Nestled among verdant tropical forest, with views over the turquoise waters of Kep Bay, La Fortress Boutique Hotel sets a new standard for boutique luxury. The stunning architecture references Cambodia’s French colonial past and its cosmopolitan future, however what you’ll notice most is how easy it is to relax here. With bucolic mountain scenery behind and the tropical Gulf of Thailand in front, the hardest decision you’ll have to make is where to watch the sunset. Grand terraces in classical Spanish style can accommodate whatever choice you make. The rooms are focused on artisan design and high quality furnishings, with an attention to detail that is unique in Cambodia. Perfect for a romantic couples retreat or a quiet family getaway, La Fortress Boutique Hotel offers a beguiling combination of international standard luxury and Cambodian hospitality, located in what can only be described as tropical paradise.

Kep & Cambodia

Known locally as the Kingdom of Wonder, once you spend some time in Cambodia you’ll quickly understand why. Whether it’s the languid pace of life, the constant sensory delights or the warmth and friendliness of the people, it’s a rare visitor indeed that isn’t seduced by this charming country. Cambodia offers something for everyone – whether it’s temples and ancient culture, nature and exploring, culinary adventures or simply wellness and relaxation.
Kep is located at Cambodia’s south-western tip, a lush, breezy region of swaying palms, rice fields and the lulling tropical ocean. Kep was a fashionable resort town earlier in the 20 thcentury, and it retains an aura of luxurious and refined relaxation. Famous throughout the
kingdom for its seafood, Kep also boasts some superb beaches, a wealth of interesting naturaland cultural sights, and is Cambodia’s preeminent destination for those looking to unwind and indulge.